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things happened


you aint gonna believe it but im back and this is so awkward funny ugh
so................................. how you do?
im fine thank you as always.
i cant believe this is happening.
and of course i know nobody going to read this entry
the reason for coming back is i wanna look for photoshop free software
since i knew ive met one before when im still blogging so i came back
back to mother nature //okay itu pelik macam tak masuk langsung but ugh lantak
okay emoji tu pun awkward sebab baru try tadi //jadi ke?
okay, to simply put ummmm..
life is hard 
//haha so sudden
i dont know anymore. dreams hope imagination
ugh it's suck
so suck
i hate people and i hate myself too
i cant tolerate well anymore.
recently, i went to an interview for psychology ((yep my dream))
but i think i'll not be able to pass cause of poor preparation.
i took it for granted.
so for now, im just waiting for my matriculation exam result
and for my honey boo to end his military service. around 70days to go
tapi somehow sekarang nak start edit balik.
nak tajamkan skill pakai ps and yehhh where can i find oneee
haritu dah try tanya abang comp tu tapi dia kata ps is kind of special mende tah
so end up tak dapat laaaaaaa alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
but it's okay, pakai je apa ada dulu en.
nanti kita sambung balik huhu.
few days ago, ada mimpi about old crush
kalau tengok past entry ada cerita pasal dia.
damn kenapa boleh mimpi do ugh
awkward lagi bila rajin dia post ig
hahahahaah aku follow ig dia mannnn
ada awek, ada
tapi ummm mungkin sebab regret kot tak dapat cakap dengan dia before masa kejadian tu
i wonder if he still recognize me now

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